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UEFA Europa League

Thursday 27th Aug 2020
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UEFA Europa League predictions

The UEFA Europa League, year after year, shades the fight in the Champions League. However, the UEFA Europa League can also be of interest to football fans from Nigeria. The UEFA Europa League is also full of excellent teams and players, and the matches can be very tense, as the winner of the next season will join the fight for the title of Champions League winner. The opportunity to get a vivid experience and make money on Europa League bets will definitely give you the chance to do so.

What do we know about UEFA Europa League?

The League was founded in 1971 and is considered the second most important football championship in Europe after the Champions League. UEFA Europa League is usually attended by teams that took 3-4 places in the national championships of the first division. Teams ranked 1st in the national championships and held in the Champions League are not eligible to participate in the Europa League. The Europa League winner will receive € 6,500,000, but teams must go through several rounds before they can reach the final and win:
  • classification — this does not apply to teams that have gone through a group stage based on points gained in the national championship, as well as to teams that have not passed the 4 qualifying rounds in the Champions League;
  • group stage — 12 groups of 4 teams each participate in the group stage. In the group stage, each team plays 2 games with 3 opponents from the group (home and away). In 1/16 the teams that came out on the 1st and 2nd places move on;
  • ⅛ finals, ¼ finals;
  • semi-final;
In the season 2019 / 2020 more than 200 teams competed for the European trophy, but in 1/16 will come together Basel, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Getafe, Internazionale, İstanbul Başakşehir, LASK, Leverkusen, Man. United, Olympiacos, Rangers, Roma, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, Wolfsburg, Wolves. Every year, the best of the best teams from European countries participate in Europa League games. Only 28 clubs that have ever participated in the championship were able to win; only 12 of them were able to win the cup again. The most successful club in the Europa League is Seville. The club has won 5 times in the final, the last wins in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Liverpool, Juventus, International, and Athletico Madrid with three victories follow Seville. Atletico Madrid won in 2018, while Chelsea won the title in 2019. The clubs regularly show quality and interesting football, which will surely attract the attention of football fans and bettors from Nigeria. In turn, our website will help you form an idea of the UEFA Europa League developments, adjust your forecasts thanks to our expert estimates, choose the best bookmakers for betting on the Europa League in Nigeria.

How to predict UEFA Europa League matches

Even the most experienced bettor can have difficulties making a forecast for the Europa League match. This requires analysis and interpretation of many indicators:
  • the statistics of the team in the national championship, last season and during the qualifying games or group stage of this season — performance, number of goals, home or away victories and more;
  • team strategy, specifics of coaching policy with regard to substitutions, transfers, benching, top players and game coherence;
  • the motivation of the team to win a particular match and championship in general;
  • fan support, weather conditions, match time.
Often, to predict the Europa League requires insider information, fine knowledge of the rules, and football tactics. Gathering the necessary information takes time, while our experts use a combination of their knowledge and accurate information to forecast a match for the Nigerian bettors quickly and accurately. What conclusions can we draw from the analysis of the current and previous seasons of the Europa League in order to create a forecast for 2019 / 2020?

Motivation and composition of teams

Often teams use weak line-up if they compete in national championships in parallel. Victory in them guarantees them access to the Champions League, which makes the national tournament a priority over the current Europa League. The line-up may be deliberately weakened by the coach if the UEFA Europa League match is held before the national championship match or if a long flight is required to participate in the match. This way, the club saves the strength of the top players. The closer the league finals are, the stronger the team’s line-up is: the national championship is coming to an end, while the UEFA Europa League strengthens the fight for the Champions League. In our forecasts for Europa League, we also take into account the latest acquisitions of clubs, the experience of players and their influence on each other.

Features of goals

It is very important to take into account the statistics of the season to predict the exact number of goals in Europa League matches. Already today, we can say that the market of bets “above/below 2.5” will be productive, the time when the maximum number of goals is scored, victory at home or away. For 182 games played this season, the average number of goals per game is 2.8. In 33 games, each team has scored at least one goal. The maximum number of goals — 93 — were scored in the second round on 61-70 minutes. This indicator is very useful for predicting live bets, as well as for making a savings rate.

The winner of the Europa League

Currently, Man Utd, Istanbul Basaksehir, SC Braga, Gent, Espanyol, FC Porto, Arsenal, Celtic, LASK, Basel, Malmo, Sevilla are leading their groups. Forecasts for Europa League today are considered a favorite of Man Utd. However, the forecast should focus on the position of the team in the English Premier League. The club has all chances to enter the Champions League if Man Utd focuses on the national championship. In this case, the victory in the Europa League will not be so interesting to the British. Man Utd is not inferior to Sevilla, which has repeatedly won the cup. The team is especially strong in home games and has not lost any of them. Inter Milan this season is strong with top players Lukaku and Eriksen, it will not be easy to defeat even experienced opponents. The top rivals of Inter Milan and Man Utd also include Bayer Leverkusen, who showed excellent results in the game.

The best scorer of the tournament

This season Bruno Fernandez, Daichi Camada, Andraj Sporar, Alfredo Morelos, Edin Viscia and Diogo Iota got 6 goals to round 16. All forwards ever named the best in the Europa League scored a minimum of 8 goals. Olivier Giroux from Chelsea scored 11 goals last year. As we see from the statistics of matches and the high average number of goals per match, last year’s record can be broken. When predicting the exact score or time of the goal, we always take into account the behavior of top players, peculiarities of their tactics: how they work with the pass, at what point in the match activate attacks, whether they are ready to give the goal to another player. The matches of Europa League 2019 / 2020 will resume very soon, and we are already making forecasts for the upcoming matches and the winners of the tournament. Follow the updates on our website and read the current and balanced forecasts so that your bet brings you more winnings.

Where to bet on the UEFA Europa league

You can bet on the Europa League on betting sites that have a Nigerian or European license. On sites with a European license, the choice of events can be slightly wider, as well as the odds. Create an account on several platforms and check the best odds for you. Remember, the higher the odds of a particular outcome, the lower the odds will be. Be careful when calculating your winnings and using the prediction. We include in our match forecasts links to top bookmakers who offer markets for a particular game or Europa League outcome. We take into account the balance of these bookmakers’ odds. In addition to our recommendations, you can use the bookmaker’s own analysis:
  • license availability;
  • website interface, ease of use of the line;
  • a mobile application for betting anywhere;
  • availability of events of interest and bets in the desired format: live, pre-match, single or savings betting;
  • online broadcasts.
Pay attention to such betting format as UEFA Europa league accumulators. It will allow you to combine several bets into one and get a bigger sum in the end because the winnings are calculated on an increasing basis: the winnings from the first bet are multiplied by the subsequent bet, etc. There is a high risk of losing because if one bet loses, the entire accumulator loses. Be careful when making this bet. On our website, you will find offers on an accumulator. We have collected the most likely outcomes and selected the best chances for you.

How to bet on the UEFA Europa league

When you are satisfied with the choice of a bookmaker and the ratio set by him, you can register on the resource and make a bet. Often registration is accompanied by a welcome bonus, which can be spent on bets, including Europa League. Choose the desired match or the result of the championship, once again, check the forecasts and odds. In the line bookmaker will offer you to bet on different outcomes:
  • the victory of team 1, the victory of team 2;
  • draw;
  • both teams will score — BTTS;
  • number of goals (in rounds, per match);
  • more / less 2.5 goals.
It is possible to include additional outcomes: red cards and penalties, substitutions, time of first or last goal, and others. Choose your bet based on the recommendations in the forecast and the expected course of the match. Pre-single bets are the safest bet. Pre-match and live bets will give you a feeling of excitement and allow you to rely on the most current forecasts or direct developments during the game. A successful save bet will result in greater winnings. Choose the odds of the most likely outcome. By clicking on it, fill in the electronic coupon where the bet amount and transaction confirmation are entered. Wait for the final game and get the winnings. Remember, no matter what bet you place, it is important to reconcile your game budget, potential risks, and accuracy of your forecast.

Latest UEFA Europa league odds

The excellent shape in which Manchester United is in the Premier League makes bookmakers consider this team a favorite of the Europa League with a 5/2 chance. The team is in the group standings, and its top players Bruno Fernandez and Paul Pogba, are able to piss off any opponent. The chances of Inter Milan, Bayer Leverkusen, and Wolves — 5/1, these clubs are still able to compete with Manchester United. Sevilla’s chances are 15/2, Roma’s chances are 14/1. In percentage terms, the chances of winning the Europa League were distributed as follows:
  • Manchester United — 29%.
  • Inter Milan — 17%
  • Bayer Leverkusen — 17%
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers — 17%
  • Sevilla — 12%
  • Roma is 7%.
With the return of the Europa League in August and subsequent matches, the odds may change. Follow the updates on our website and profile forecasts.